I was born and raised in Florida where I grew up poor and raised a lot of hell. At twenty-two I made the journey to Sacramento, California to raise more hell while I got mine bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and gradually settled down with a family. I would stay in Sacramento for 30 years raising three kids, working for the federal government and then the state government, and building a network of friends among the activists of this superb capital city. I was part of Occupy Sacramento, an activist leader with 99 Rise, and spoke at city council often. Alas, it was to no avail, my political leaders disappionted me at every turn. Unwilling to settle for being a member of a country that has abandoned its citizens, I decided to look for a place to emigrate to. After doing a lot of research, and carefully considering what was important to me, I decided to come to Uruguay for several months to see if I could learn the language, adapt to the culture, and find work.

Why Urugay?