It is obvious that House Republicans are happy to hide behind Speaker Boehner's repeated refusal to allow a vote on a Unemployment Benefit Extension (UBE).   Since Boehner has been saying the same thing about an immigration vote for over a year, we are not going to waste precious time targeting him directly.  Instead, we are going to target the Republican members of the House who come from states with the highest unemployment AND who have the highest record for voting against their party.  The idea is to win their support and get THEM to convince Boehner to allow the vote.  

I am providing links for you to email our targets, please incorporate the script below for maximum impact and add you own unique perspective and thoughts.  Use copy and paste to send your email quickly and easily to each of the ten Representatives (if you need zip codes, I have provided them).  We will need at least 19 House Republican votes to pass a UBE, but getting the votes is not the hard part, convincing Speaker Boehner to allow a vote is, so be sure you convince your targets that you are going to hold THEM personally responsible if Boehner will not allow a vote. We are calling out these ten Representatives this week, and another ten next week.  Here is the suggested script:  

"I am with the Activist Alliance for the Unemployed.  You can visit our website at and see the fliers we have made up with YOUR contact information for distribution at food pantries, unemployment offices, shopping centers, churches, etc. in your district.  We are targeting you as a NOVEMBER FOOL because your state has one of the highest number of unemployed.  

You should keep in mind that when you cut off a person's unemployment, they have to move in with family members.  That means that for every person whose benefits are cut off, there are several family members who are affected and who will NOT be voting for you in November.  You should also know, that as a member of, I will be volunteering my time and money for your opponent if you fail to support an Unemployment Benefit Extension.  

So, to sum up, if you do not want to become unemployed yourself, you had better convince Speaker Boehner to allow a vote on a Unemployment Benefit Extension before April first.  Otherwise, we will make sure that your constituents hold YOU responsible for not pushing for a vote on an ONE YEAR Unemployment Benefits Extension.  DON'T BE A NOVEMBER FOOL"

Here Are Our Targets:

If you would rather call, here is the number you really should have programmed into your phone, it is Toll-Free, 24-hours a day, and has a live operator to help you reach the right person:  


f you are willing to pass out fliers, or give them to organizations that will, simply mail m.  If you tell me what state you are in I will custom-make a flier wit your State's Republican House members, or others if you don't have any.

SENATE ACTION:   vote is expected any day, it may even be Saturday.  Please refer to the previous blog post "Showdown in the Senate" for targeting information and be sure to tell them we want a ONE YEAR extension.

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-- Thank you for your activism, we can only make change if we pull together....namaste, Laura Rubalcaba