The Plan Between Now and April 10:

The Senate is on autopilot to pass a 5-month Unemployment Benefits Extension on Monday (see bottom of post for details).  In the House of Representatives, the Republicans refuse to allow a vote. 

If the House does not VOTE before it leaves for Spring Break for two weeks on April 11, then we will have nothing. 

Hopefully this convinces you to: 

tweet 23 targets: 

call 23 targets:

distribute fliers  (I can custom make some for your state or, if you prefer, i can make a smaller image that is good for sharing on facebook.)

email the link to our petition:

email the link to our blog where we target decision makers for mass call-ins:

here is a handy link to send a letter to your representative, just put in your zip and a letter is pre-written for you:

here is a link to tell your story somewhere it might be published anonymously:

SENATE UPDATE:  vote scheduled for Monday.  The Senate Republicans tried to add amendments to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline and gut environment regulations (which could have  put the bill in jeopardy of a Presidential veto) but the Senate Democrats fought them back:

The bill that is being voted on in the Senate that contains the Unemployment Benefits Extension amendment is H.R. 3979:  "Protecting Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Responders Act of 2014".  It's progress can be tracked here:

Here is what House Republicans have to say:

Here is good background info and answers to some questions:

--Thank you for your activism, we can only make change if we pull together....namaste, Laura Rubalcaba